The Internet is Not the End

It is only the beginning. The global connectivity that we see stemming from the internet is only a glimpse into the growing new world of possibility. Some saw it as the Metaverse and others look to blockchain as the solution, but the answer is far simpler. As gamers we’ve been pushing the boundaries and possibility of the internet for decades. Businesses and organizations have even adopted the terminology of “gamified” to describe making a rather mundane process more fun or entertaining.

As gamers we’ve known this secret for a long time now. Make something fun and rewarding and people will spend more time engaging in it. We’ve built guilds and communities on top of cooperative and competitive games. The earliest “influencers” came from within these communities. If you want someone to build the next generation of extended reality, it should be gamers and our ranks are filled with them. We know how to “make our own fun” as guild leaders and community influencers hosting events and content above and beyond what is provided to us. Now that we’re the ones building, we know what others want and how to build it.

We Make XR Games

We have several titles in the works with our first being launched on Steam as a VR game. We also have an IP under which we’re developing all of our games called the Eternalverse from the series Echoes to Eternity. This IP includes video games, tabletop RPG rulesets, miniatures, and a whole lot more all developed over the 20+ year history of our shared gaming community, the Silver Sun Republic. Taken from the PvP sandboxes with its competitive scene to the late night strategy game multiplayer events to our expansive tabletop sessions, the experiences and stories of our members are written into our living lore. Argento, the antagonistic and protagonistic thread behind many of our stories binds our worlds together in a genre crossing tale upon which we build.

Don't Kill the Cat

A comedic adventure on VR where you, as employee 42, must lead a feline interloper out of The Argento Company's lab before it turns into the next PR nightmare.

Project Argento

Our long term, social, extended reality, Sci-Fi MMORPG that serves as our hub for adventures into other realities and genres. Take your character and your progress with you as you experience different realities.

Eternalverse Tabletop

Extending the Eternalverse is our tabletop RPG ruleset. Implementing our Physics Based Rules (PBR) we present more realistic and engaging encounters for tabletop gamers. Many of the same rules and concepts we use in the RPG are applied across all of our game properties.

We Make You XR Ready

As we build out our games and the worlds in which they dwell, we also help others get ready to be a part of it. Our network of partners and brands are gearing up for XR and we help them get there. Whether it is asset creation, consulting, or engineering solutions for XR, we are here to help.

Asset Creation

We help turn physical products into digital assets while providing the digital twin technology to get you ready for whatever comes next whether it is AR, VR, or 3D.

XR Consulting

Leverage our extensive experience in product/business development, project management, full stack engineering, marketing, content creation, or any other need you might have.

Solution Engineering

Want to integrate with our services or need help implementing an XR technology into your tech stack? We can help! The more XR partners we onboard, the more value we deliver to our users.